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Safeguarding Our Colleagues and Communities

Octapharma has established an operations task force which meets daily in order to monitor and respond to the evolving situation. We have introduced protective measures across our organization and are following all applicable guidelines to ensure that our people can continue working safely.

State agencies are also playing their part. Governments and health authorities in several markets have recognized Octapharma as a manufacturer of “essential medicines” which are of critical importance to their national health systems. Many other regulatory authorities have contacted us to emphasize their willingness to support and work with us, in order to facilitate supply of Octapharma therapies and reduce potential harm a disruption could cause to public health.

Ensuring Availability of Medicine

Our medicines are vital to hundreds of thousands of people in at least 118 countries, many of whom are chronically ill with conditions that could put them at an increased risk from the coronavirus. We are doing everything possible to maintain our production levels and minimize any possible disruptions in supply.

To that end, our plasma collection centers and manufacturing facilities around the world are continuing to operate as close to capacity as the situation, local regulations and the safety of our people allow.

Additionally, because we understand that COVID-19 has created financial hardship and impacted some patients’ ability to pay for their medicine, we have extended our Compassionate Care Program to provide relief for COVID-19-related difficulties in maintaining therapy. Our expanded program provides a period of access to free factor to patients who qualify. Certain restrictions apply. Learn how you or someone you know may benefit from our Compassionate Care Program. For more information or to apply for relief assistance, contact our Octapharma Support Center at 800-554-4440.

"We continue to live by our mission to provide our patients with life-saving medicines, to the best of our ability."

Wolfgang Marguerre

Chairman and CEO,
Octapharma Group

Researching New Coronavirus Treatments

Octapharma has been extremely active in addressing the treatment challenges of COVID-19.

We submitted an Investigational New Drug (IND) application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and have been approved for a phase 3 clinical trial of the use of intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) treatment to treat COVID-19 patients with severe disease progression.

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With the support of Octapharma, an investigator-initiated clinical trial led by George Sakoulas, M.D., of Sharp Memorial Hospital in San Diego, is underway to study the use of IVIg as a coronavirus treatment for adults experiencing respiratory failure.

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Another investigator-initiated research study led by Kelly McCants, M.D., Medical Director of the Norton Heart & Vascular Institute in Louisville, Kentucky, supported by Octapharma, is investigating the use of IVIg treatment and steroids as a possible treatment regimen for patients developing heart problems.

Read the press release.

In addition to researching new applications for existing Octapharma therapies, we are actively engaged in developing new coronavirus treatments. We are participating in the CoVIg-19 Plasma Alliance, a global group leveraging leading-edge expertise to collaborate on key elements of a solution for Covid-19 disease, including plasma collection, clinical trial development and commercial-scale manufacturing. We are working with our colleagues all around the world to bring a successful medicine to market as quickly as possible.

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Unwavering Commitment

Octapharma was founded in 1983 on the fundamental principle of improving the lives of patients. Since then, we have remained focused on our collective responsibility for the trust instilled in us by physicians and patients worldwide.

We remain dedicated to developing safe and effective therapies for patients suffering from a variety of life-threatening illnesses including blood clotting disorders, immune deficiencies, and other illnesses, such as COVID-19. By working closely with patients and patient associations in the United States and around the world, we have developed a better, more empathetic understanding of our patients’ needs and challenges. Our strategy of continuous investment in research and development ensures that we can continue to respond to current and emerging patient need with a world-class portfolio of innovative products and patient support programs.

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