Global Need. Rapid Response.

Octapharma scientific, medical, and patient support teams all around the world are hard at work on ways to treat the effects of COVID-19.

Octapharma Applies Expertise in IVIg

In the fight against coronavirus, there is an unprecedented global effort to develop solutions for patients who suffer from this disease. Octapharma is at the forefront, applying our extensive expertise in blood plasma and immunoglobulins, both intravenous (IVIg) and subcutaneous (SCIg), to investigate a potential COVID-19 treatment. We are actively investigating the use of readily-available IVIg products for COVID-19 treatment. High-dose IVIg is typically used as an immunomodulatory agent for an increasing number of immune and inflammatory disorders across various clinical specialties.1 Early research indicates the possibility of IVIg to improve the prognosis of severe and critically ill patients with COVID-19. We are also working with other partners to obtain convalescent plasma (CP), plasma derived from previously infected but now disease-free donors, for development of an investigational, hyper-immune therapy.


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